Tips for buying restaurant sparkling water system

3 years ago

Sparkling water is one trend which has been on the rise. The demand for it is growing and in the past five years, the sales have almost doubled. This is why most restaurant owners prefer installing sparkling water systems.

If you are searching for restaurant sparkling water systems you would find that there are many options available for you. It may seem difficult to choose between all these options. However, an ideal system is one which can operate fast and does not make a whole lot of noise so as not to disturb the dining environment.

Following is a simple guide to help you understand which carbonated water system would be ideal for your restaurant.

Tips for buying a restaurant sparkling water system

Restaurant owners have the choice of choosing between high quality machines and others which might just serve the purpose. When choosing a sparkling water system make sure that it has all of the following features.

  • Choose a sparkling water system which has long lasting activated carbon filters. The purpose of installing such a system is that the tap water should pass through high-grade carbon filters. These filters are pretty much powerful and can help remove harmful chemicals like chlorine and pesticides from the water. Also if the water contains any form of heavy metals the carbon filters can get rid of those as well. A dual carbon feature ensures that the sparkling water that you serve to your customers is completely clean and pure.
  • Also be on the lookout for a ceramic filter which can cause further disinfection. This is usually a tough filter and is responsible for getting rid of bacteria and viruses in the tap water. Harmful bacteria like E.coli could result in health problems if not filtered out.
  • Look for a stainless steel refrigeration chamber. One of the best commercial carbonated water system should also comprise of a refrigeration chamber which would ensure maximum hygiene. The sparkling water from this kind of a system is the purest and the freshest that you can serve to your customers. It allows water to be dispensed at a constant cool temperature.
  • Also consider buying a system which can produce sparkling water which has a bubbly intensity.

Other important features to look out for are a compact system which has a space saving design so that it can easily fit onto the countertops. You also need to invest in a sparkling water system which churns out a sufficient amount of chilled water every hour. If your restaurant is busy you might even have to consider buying a carbonated water system which has more than one tap. Such a sparkling water system is not only versatile but can be used for cooking purposes as well. You can usually get more than 80 liters of chilled water per hour from such a system.

It is essential that you choose the right sparkling water system for your restaurant so that you can serve your guests with a great tasting, filtered, sparkling water. Ask your architect or designer “can you include a sparkling water system in the plans?”