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Jun 01, 2020

Making your garden and home look more well-managed has always been the aim of most homeowners in Australia and generally across the globe. An attractive compound is one way you make your home value increase even when you are not selling it.

Besides trimming and pruning the trees in your compound and mowing your lawn, there is another great aspect that can even make your home attractive. This is what we call as pergolas. Building pergolas have been the secret that most advanced homeowners have been using to make their homes look better.

Typically, a pergola is built to give the family and home dwellers a shade in those hot afternoons when everyone’s looking for a cool breeze. It is a great place to relax with your family when grilling or just having your juice or cup of coffee in the evening. It closely resembles a patio and decks that are in most homes only that it is a stand-alone.

Now how do you build pergolas? What makes a good pergola? Well, most homeowners usually have a whole lot of questions when it comes to pergolas. Of course, you cannot blame them, because they are looking to have the best of these structures in their compounds. In this article, therefore, we are going to take you through some of the frequently asked questions about pergolas. So let’s jump in and get started.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pergolas

1. What really is a pergola?

Well, a pergola is defined as a structure that is built with posts and some rafters that give the homeowner some shade while in their patio on the garden walkways. Mostly, pergola runs from the garden to the house mainly running above the walkways. That means even when it is raining, you will be safe from rain. Consequently, it gives you the shade you need from hot sun rays.

2. Do pergolas add value to your home?

Certainly yes. This could be the reason why most homeowners who want to sell their homes, usually build these structures in their compound. You may have noticed that outdoor living is increasingly becoming the norm in Australia, especially during summer. And who does not want to enjoy the fresh air while grilling or chatting with their friends? Because of this outdoor lifestyle, homes that have a pergola are ranked higher and of greater value.

3. Why should I have a pergola in my home?

Well besides increasing the value of your house and home and providing the shade you want from sun and rain, a pergola will act as your entertainment area. Yes, you had that right. Sometimes you want to watch your game or play your PS in an open area. And this is where pergolas get their importance. You can install screens on the roof and polls and start your entertainment.

4. How much do I pay to get a pergola built in my compound?

Well, we cannot specifically name a price tag because this will depend on the type and design of the pergola you want. Besides, it depends on the size of the pergola you are looking for. If you want to use very expensive materials, a 10×10 structure may end up costing you up to $5,000. On the lower end, you may end up spending up to $3,000. Nevertheless, you can decide to do it yourself, which will significantly reduce your cost.


Garden & Landscapes

Land For Sale Bundaberg- Things to keep in mind when purchasing new land

Nov 19, 2019

Are you looking for land for sale in Bundaberg? Owning one’s own piece of land is one of the greatest dream anyone would have. However, there are several things which you should consider before you purchase land. It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about buying a small plot or a big one. It’s essential that every decision should be made after careful deliberation. Make sure to keep the following things in mind before you start land hunting.


Look for land which provides a good building opportunity

Whenever purchasing land, keep in mind to buy something which provides opportunity for a better building experience. A land which slopes can slowly add up to the costs because of things like excavation and foundation costs. Also you might want to consider the design which suits the slope of the land.

The next ting which you should consider is to carry out a geotechnical investigation on the land. This would help determine the ground classification. Help you know whether you actually need to carry out an excavation before you start building.

Be on the lookout for zoning restrictions

Make sure you have all the information regarding the zoning restrictions. If there is a council in the area make sure you know whether the land is allowed to build any kind of construction or whether there are specifics on the kind of constructions which would take place.

Also get to know if there is any plan of the addition of added infrastructure near to your land. For example if you want a quiet little place but the council plans to make a mall next to the place, you are better off without purchasing that land.

Get to know about water sources

Do you have an idea of how the water sources re connected to your property? Are there going to be restrictions on the amount of water that you can use? If there a way you could arrange to collect your own water through rainfall? All these are important questions and need to be addressed before you sign the sale deed.

Make sure that when you are buying new land there are options for saving water from nearby sources. It would help make your home plan green and help save up on utility bills in the long run.

How safe is the land from bush fires or flooding?

Make sure you have some idea about the land and its location. Is it prone to bush fires if yes, then you would have to make the necessary safety arrangements along with insurance arrangements as well.

If you want you could check out the website for geoscience Australia, it’s an important resource and could help you determine all the land zones which are prone to flooding and bush fires.

Get to know about the orientation of your home

The orientation would help you design your home better. Knowing about the aspects of your home would allow you to build a property on which can maximize all the natural potentials of the land that you own.

Keeping the above mentioned things would help you purchase the best land for sale in Bundaberg.

Garden & Landscapes

Spring Lawn and Garden Tips

May 01, 2018

Now that spring is just around the corner, it is time to start considering how we take care of our grass, lawn tools, the garden and of course, the great crew of bugs that find their way around your house. Think all is lost? Hardly, with some planning and organization your yard can look like […]

Garden & Landscapes

The February Flower – Violet

Feb 22, 2018

The flower most frequently associated with the month of February is the violet (Viola odorata). The violet represents faithfulness, chastity, and humility. The ancient Greeks believed that the god Zeus gave the goddess Io pastures of violets to eat after turning her into a cow to protect her from a jealous Hera. In addition, the […]

Garden & Landscapes

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

Feb 14, 2018

Last year I wrote about gifts for the plant collector in your life. This year I want to let you know about other gifts that will be greatly appreciated this Valentine’s Day by every gardener in your life. Seeds Most gardeners have already started or soon will be planting seeds for this year’s growing season. […]