Spring Lawn and Garden Tips

6 years ago

Now that spring is just around the corner, it is time to start considering how we take care of our grass, lawn tools, the garden and of course, the great crew of bugs that find their way around your house. Think all is lost? Hardly, with some planning and organization your yard can look like you spent a million bucks on it.

Do you always plant flowers in your garden, if so you might be like many people who grow their own plants from seeds. If this is you, always remember it is best for your plants if you plant them in a small container with a small amount of soil added to it; a cheap alternative is an egg carton. This way you can easily monitor the size of your seedlings, and make sure they are watered properly, remember too much water will cause the seeds to rot.

Do you always wear gloves in the garden to help protect your hands? If so, consider purchasing latex or other such gloves. They are cheap, and when they are dirty simply change your gloves, they do not stiffen up like cloths gloves do, and they are inexpensive and lightweight. Since they conform nicely to the shape of your hand, it is almost like using no gloves at all.

Speaking of gloves, remember the beauty secret of slather your hands in hand lotion and keep gloves on for a while? Guess what makes the perfect opportunity to slather up? You guessed it, gardening and moisturizing your hands at the same time is a great way to multitask. Your hands and garden will both look great when you are done.

Looking for ways to keep weeds at bay, but still recycle? Old newspapers are the answer here. Place newspaper around your flowers and cover with either mulch, or soil. The newspaper will eventually dissolve, and help your plants, all while helping keep the weeds from taking over your flowerbeds.

Want fertilizers from around the house? How about the fish tank water next time you change the tank water, it is wonderful and loaded with nutrients to help your plants grow. Another great source is water used to boil pasta in, the starch in the water will help all plants; just remember to always let the water cool completely before using so you don’t burn your plants.

Want some suggestions on keeping your grass beautiful and healthy? Look no further, here are several great tips. Let’s face it the best time to mow is in the morning because it is not hot, but the grass just won’t cooperate right? Wrong! Now a simple solution is to spray the top of the grass with vegetable oil. No, you are not making a salad, but the vegetable oil will keep the grass from sticking to your lawnmower so you can quickly and easily mow your yard to get on with your day. After you are done mowing, or even between mowing morning makes the best time to water your lawn if necessary. Do not water daily unless the lawn needs it, otherwise it will speed the growth of grass and mean more frequent mowing will be necessary.

Garden tools causing problems, are the handles on your tools hard and making life harder on your hands? If so try these tips, paint the handles of your garden tools a right color and they will always be quite simple and easy to spot lying around the yard. Want to keep tools clean and help prevent rust? Store you shovel into a bucket of sand, not only will the sand help keep your tools clean, it will also help repel rust from setting up house on the tools. Hard handles can be a very serious pain for hands when gardening needs to be done, to help make the handles easier to handle, take some light grade sandpaper to soften the handles.

See as I said nice simple tips that do not require a lot of time or energy or even money. What is better than simple ways to improve your life easily and with little effort or hassle. Great benefits and beautiful gardens await you this spring.