What You Can Do This Winter to Prepare for Next Summer’s Garden

6 years ago

The ground might be covered with snow and frigid temperatures have driven you indoors, but there are still things you can do to make sure that you are ready to garden next summer!

#1 – Research new techniques

All gardeners have lists of things they’ve always wanted to try. The problem is that during the spring and summer you are too busy to try anything new! Now is the time to read up on deep mulch gardening or the latest organic techniques so that you can be prepared to implement them come spring. Whether you are searching the web or checking books out from the library, don’t forget to take notes and make lists. This is the time to get organized to actually carry out those projects that have been hibernating in the back of your mind.

# 2 – Take a class in a topic of interest

Community colleges, town and city recreation programs, and your local school district probably offer gardening classes on a wide variety of topics from Annual Flowers to Winning the War on Weeds. Most likely you will find something that meets your needs. Sign up and learn something new to get you motivated in the off season.

# 3 – Play with your garden design

Now is the time to really get into designing your garden. Whether you are the meticulous type who pulls out the graph paper and measuring tape or the more casual planner who draws simple sketches, take the time to lay out what you want to plant where. Do you want to expand your vegetable garden? Add flowerbeds? Plant some fruit trees? Learn about which locations work best for which plants and get your ideas down on paper. It will make it so much easier to get things in the ground when spring comes.

# 4 – Enjoy your seed and nursery catalogs

Thumb through catalogs finding the varieties that appeal most to you and work with your designs. Think about what colors go best together. Are there any new fruits or vegetables that you’d like to try? Don’t forget to make sure that selections will thrive in your zone. Get a catalog you’ve never seen before to further open up options. When your designs are together, go ahead and place your order. Don’t leave it for the last minute, or you might not have what you need when planting season comes around.

# 5 – Take care of your tools

How many exhausted gardeners stick their tools in the shed after harvest with none but the most cursory maintenance? Now’s the time to pull out the tools, and clean, sharpen, and oil them. Take stock of what’s worn out and might need to be replaced. Gardening departments often have tools on sale at deep discounts in the off season so it’s a perfect time to shop for replacements.

Don’t let your green thumb wither in the off season. Take some of these tips to make sure you are prepared for an excellent garden this year.