Laminate Versus Hardwood Floor for Your Home

6 years ago

When you decide that you want new floors for your home, the choices can be confusing as well as overwhelming. There are quite a few differences, and the type that you choose will depend on your situation and what features you want. So in the laminate vs hardwood floor debate, what should you choose?

First consider the benefits of laminate floors. They are extremely durable, but they do have some limitations. They can be damaged if something is dropped on them, furniture is dragged, or other events happen. With care, they can last a while, but they last less than 20 years. Laminate flooring is stain resistant and won’t fade or change color as the years go on.

There are some disadvantages to laminate flooring as well. These floors are made of thin, artificial surfaces that mimic hardwood or tile. You cannot resurface or refinish them. The patterns that they come in are often repetitive. If your laminate floor needs to be repaired, it’s difficult to do unless you are a professional with the proper tools, in which case it’s a snap. All laminate floors are floating type floors, and while this isn’t a disadvantage most of the time, there are some people who dislike it. Some owners complain that their floors sound hollow or that there is a click and clap feel underfoot when you walk. You have to upgrade the underlayment that is under the floor to get rid of that.

Now in your decision of laminate vs hardwood floor, consider the benefits of hardwood floors. These floors are more natural looking. Because these floors are natural, you will not find repeating patterns. Instead, you will find that every piece of flooring is completely unique. There is a large variety of hardwoods you can choose from for your floors, such as oak, cherry, or pine, and depending on the care you give the floor and the kind you choose, a hardwood floor can last 20 to 100 years or even longer. You can change the color if you want to and you can refinish the floors whenever you want to.

The disadvantages of hardwood floors are that they can be scratched and dented easily. You have to take precautions, such as adding felt pads under the feet of furniture. Hardwood floors are more prone to water damage, but this is often temporary, whereas if water damage occurs to laminate floors it normally is permanent and requires replacement.

Also consider the resale value of your home when you are debating laminate vs hardwood floor. Hardwood floors often provide a much better resale value. It depends on the care you have given your floor and whether it’s solid wood or engineered. If your laminated floor is discontinued, it’s very difficult to find it again if someone needs to replace any, whereas it’s easy to find hardwood, so this can be a factor with buyers as well.

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