Top 3 Reasons Why Circuit Breakers Trip

5 years ago

In every home whether it’s a modern one or an older one, there’s a device which is used to control all the electrical system of our house. That device is called circuit breaker. The old version of this breaker was called fuse which used to be in older houses. The main job of the circuit breaker is to control the power supply. They are usually like a white cylindrical shaped device fixed in a socket with one direction pointing upwards showing the ON button and other pointing downwards showing the OFF button. Sometimes these breakers are also tripped due to some reasons and then needs to be reset to ON position. The important point here is to understand the reason behind the tripping of circuit breaker and how it can be solved. Let us discuss some of the major reasons causing this issue.

Excess amount of power usage

One of the most common reasons for a circuit breaker to get tripped is the excess amount of power used. There is a certain limit for our breakers to supply the amount of electricity but when we demand something beyond its limit, it tends to trip. This happens when we use some home appliances which have more voltage. As soon as  we start that appliance, our power goes off which results in the tripping of our circuit and we end up calling professional electricians ballarat for fixing it.

Short circuit

Short circuit can be caused by the wrong wiring of any appliance or if the wires get damaged due to poor condition. In this way the damaged wire comes in contact with the neutral wire causing the burning of the switch board. The other reason is due to the wrong wiring of any appliance. The moment you plug in, a small blast occurs indicating that there was a wiring problem. One more reason is the continuous tripping of the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker keeps on tripping it will damage the switch board.

Excessive supply of energy from the power house

Sometimes it happens that the flow of energy from the power house increases just for a second. This increase can be for a second but it can damage your breaker. Since these circuit breakers are designed in such a way that they can handle a specific amount of energy. If that amount of energy is likely to be increased, they often get tripped and can also destroy some of the home appliances running at that time. So one of the reasons for tripping if from the power house not from our house but still we should keep a check on every possible reason from our side and make sure everything is running accordingly.