How to Build a Retaining Wall Block

3 years ago

Retaining wall blocks are rigid walls built to support soil laterally at different levels. Both sides of block walls restrain soil from sloping in a manner that it could not slope naturally. The following are steps one should follow when constructing a retaining wall.


Mark the place to install the retaining wall.

Use a shovel to mark on the ground where to erect your retaining wall. After marking with a shovel, drive wooden stakes into the ground at each end and keep the distance between each stake at eight inches. Add more wooden stakes if the distance spans more. Tie a string onto the stakes to the desired heights.


Prepare the base

Excavate the entire area approximately eight inches in depth and spread gravel evenly into the trench. Either use a power tamper or hand to compact the gravel in place. Check for the level using the carpenter’s level and add gravel as necessary until the level line is achieved.


Lay the first course in place

Starting from one end, lay blocks as you check alignment, adjusting where necessary with a mallet. Fill the concrete cores with crushed gravel as necessary.


Install the drainage

Behind the blocks, run the drainage pipe to the place where water can exit and slip the drainage sleeve to prevent clogging.


Lay the remaining courses

Clean the remaining debris on top using the broom and start stacking the next course. Do the same the rest of the courses until you reach the desired height, in line with the rope tied initially.


Lay the capstones

At the last course, lay the capstones on top and secure them with the concrete adhesive and a caulking gun to press it in place. Do it on each block and allow it to dry according to the manufacturer’s direction.


Building retaining walls with terraces

 Begin by stacking the steps but first, determine the rise and mark with marking paint dedicated to landscaping. Prepare the foundry and tamp to make it compact for the next step. You can rent some light machinery to assist in moving the earth and heavy objects as required.


Build the retaining walls

Build the retaining with wall stones around the steps and place the stones as close as possible. Make sure the first course is a level up before beginning on the following course. You may use the hammer and the chisel to shape stones that need reshaping or removing protruding parts of the stone.


Add layers of dirt

Start backfilling the places around the stones to secure them in place. Use gravel to backfill spaces within the 6-inch distance from the stones. Add a layer of mulch after the area has been backfilled with gravel and dirt.


Create a landing on top

Create a flagstone landing on top of the retaining wall, and before that, make sure the grill area is flat. Flagstones require a flat panel to prevent them from breaking up. You are free to place the flagstone at random or pattern. Finally, place plant boxes on top of the retaining wall. Prepare steps where necessary, and create plant boxes around. It will ensure your retaining walls provide home décor with plants like hosta, hydrangea, ferns, and more. The stone retaining wall should appear slanting to provide a more usable surface and make your compound attractive.