How to find architects in Sydney for renovating your home

3 years ago

Looking for architects in Sydney can be quite overwhelming. Also there is a common misconception that you only hire architects when planning grand estates or high profile homes. However working with an architect can allow people to get the most out of their customized homes. Even if your simply planning a renovation of your home, hiring an architect in Sydney would be a good idea.

The following are few ways in which you can find an architect:

Getting referrals for architects in Sydney

When you have a few architects in mind you need to take a look at some of the past projects. You can easily make a whole list of architects by simply asking around or through word of mouth. If you know somebody in the neighborhood who have recently hired an architect you can ask them for a referral. In fact you can also get online and look for architect within your area. Do not forget to take a look at the portfolio. Many architects have pictures of the previous projects listed on the website. If there are certain projects which appeal to you, you can line up two or three of those architects for further interviews.

In order to ensure that it is a successful partnership you have to consider your architect as your future partner in helping you build your home. With this mind set you can overcome a great many obstacles. It is wise to talk about your budget in your timeline. This is a good time to show them pictures of the styles that you like. It is important to establish good communication with your architect in order to create the right kind of work dynamic.

Deciding upon a budget

When speaking to your architect you must talk to them about the fee structure. Get to know whether they are charging in hourly rate or a fixed fee which is established from the outset. Some might change your percentage based upon 8 to 20% of a construction cost. Architect would be able to provide you with the following services:

  • They would analyze the space and ask the client questions about their current lifestyle and requirements. After that they would design a rough floor plan which they would want that client to approve before going any further.
  • They would then develop a floor plan which has all the details of the kitchens and the bathrooms along with the elevations and the materials.
  • They would then go for construction documents in which all the details of the dimensions of your home are mentioned along with the finishing the light in the appliances and all the hardware which is supposed to be used.
  • They would also devise a weekly meeting plan so that they can let their clients know of how the work has been progressing.

Sometimes hiring in architect actually helps save money in the long run. This is because an architect carefully plans all the important specifications in the building process so that there is little room for error. Also the professional experience allows them to construct homes which are meant to last. The Quinlan Group are architects who can help you with your project. Make sure you hire a residential architect to design or renovate your home.